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Boat Rack

The Boat Rack is specially designed to lengthen your truck or SUV's cargo hauling capacity by simply fitting to a Class III hitch, and has two different applications in one model. If your boat is being carried above the truck or SUV for roof top hauling, the Boat Rack will extend between 55" and 62 " above the hitch for the vertical position. The other option is to use it as a bed extension and reaches back 53" from the hitch. It then adjusts in height from 15 " to 23" above the hitch height. This places the Boat Rack in the bed level position.

The total weight of a Boat Rack package is only 32lbs, is extremely durable and has a 350lb load capacity. All components of the Boat Rack are square, steel hollow tubing which have a smooth black finish for easy handling and aesthetically pleasing. It installs and removes in seconds. The 49" width of the top bar provides plenty of area in which to support the load, and has brackets on the ends which are 48 " apart to help prevent the boat from sliding when straps are used to secure it.

When not in use the Boat Rack stores flat behind the seat. A red flag is even included for safety and convenience. The Boat Rack takes most of the weight and strain from the roof rack and eliminates scratches and bumps caused when loading long items on the vehicle.

The Boat Rack will work on any hitch since there is an optional adaptor accessory for 1 " receivers. There are also Foam Blocks available to attach to the Boat Rack for better stability and scratch resistance. If you are roof top hauling in the vertical position and don't have a roof rack, there is a Universal Roof Rack with a 1" round bar available that will fit any truck, SUV or car since it attaches in the door well areas. Since there are many different companies which manufacture hitches they can vary in size. If the Boat Rack is slightly loose in the hitch, a clamp on Hitch Snugger is also available.

When you are searching for the ideal way to haul longer loads with your truck or SUV, the Boat Rack is the ultimate solution.

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